Observing the follow simple care instructions will maximise the life and performance of your crux sleeping bag.

1. At home, if possible hang up your sleeping bag up in a cupboard, using a coat hanger inside the shoulder area of the bag and drawing in the neck cord until it sits comfortably around the hanger. Alternatively, keep your sleeping bag loosely packed into its large storage bag. NEVER leave your bag for prolonged periods in its small stuff sac, which is only intended for use when backpacking, climbing etc.

2. Use a sleeping bag liner – this will prevent the bulk of body oils and perspiration from getting into the down itself and greatly reduce the need for washing the bag.

3. Always air the bag and ensure it is thoroughly dry before storing it away for lengthier periods. When camping, take fine-weather opportunities to leave your bag outside to air at least briefly (just as you would air your tent).