Alpine Rucksacks

AK Range

Launched way back in 2002,
our AK rucksacks have remained
virtually unchanged for 20 years.
With their classic alpine
top-loading design, they are
tough, fully waterproof, and
surprisingly light.

Made from Kevlar/Cordura fabric
and a fully welded construction.

AX Range

The AX rucksacks are lightweight,
classic alpine sacks made from an
exceptionally tough Dyneema/Cordura
ripstop fabric.

They share the same features
and comfortable carrying system
as the AK rucksacks and represent
outstanding value for money.

RK Range

The RK range shares the same
Kevlar fabric and welded
construction as the AK sacks,
but features a roll-top design.

The RK sacks are fully waterproof,
exceptionally tough and
fantastically light.