X1 Raid SL
£699 / €825

The X1 Raid SL is our superlight version of the standard X1 Raid. The SL models represent our new signature “expedition” range – available only in gold with a big logo printed on the side. The SL uses a lighter 20 denier nylon face fabric that is laminated with our X-tex membrane, making it our lightest single-wall, condensation-beating tent. We only recommend the SL if weight is of absolute importance – for a saving of 250 g, you get a tent that will only last half as long as the standard model.
Like all X1 models (the Quark excepted), the key characteristic of the Raid SL is its ground-breaking X-tex fabric. This utilizes a coating technology incorporating activated carbon which introduces a new and quite revolutionary means of managing condensation and is greatly superior to conventional breathable membranes. To read more about X-tex, click here

Central roof vent
Mesh panel in door
Two internal pockets
Poles inserted through external pole sleeves
Eight guy points
Supplied with 4 x 2 mm Dyneema guylines with mini-Linelok adjusters, 3 m length
Supplied with 6 x alloy pegs, 4 x titanium pegs



Technical Specifications

People 2
Total weight 1290 g (complete)
Tent body 795 g
Poles 335 g
Bags, pegs, guys 160 g
Flysheet Waterproof and breathable X-tex
68 g/m²,  20 denier, nylon ripstop
20,000 mm hydrostatic head PU/activated carbon
25,000 g/m²/24hr MVTR
Groundsheet 50 g/m², 30 denier, ripstop nylon 6.6
10,000 mm hydrostatic head TPU coating
Poles 2 x 8.50 mm Ø DAC Featherlite NSL
Guylines 4 x 2.00 mm Dyneema with mini-Linelok adjusters, 2 m length
Pegs 6 x DAC V-alloy pegs, 12 g each
4 x Titanium pegs, 7 g each
Packed size 45 cm x 15 cm Ø
Made In China


Inner length 210 cm
Inner width 120 cm
Inner height 85 cm

Buy Accessories

The following accessories are available for the X1 Raid SL:
X1 footprint
Replacement poles
Dyneema guys
Alloy pegs

Care & Maintenance

Always ensure your tent is completely dry after a trip before packing it away for any length of time. Tents can get stains and mildew if stored in a damp condition – and once these occur, they are almost impossible to remove.

The best way to clean your X1 Raid SL is simply to pitch the tent and wipe down with a cloth using a warm water and detergent mix. Never machine wash.

Groundsheet cleaning
Wipe down with a cloth using a warm water and detergent mix. Never machine wash – this will cause the PU coating to delaminate.

Over time, the elastic cord inside the poles may lose its stretch. In this case, unscrew the pole foot at one end, untie the elastic and pull it through until there is sufficient tension. Retie it to the pole foot, cut off the excess elastic and screw the pole foot back in. Don't let go of the elastic or you will find yourself re-threading all the sections!