Product Code: CX-AC-RF-TI

Titanium frames


These are the standard frames for all the 3rd generation AK rucksacks (welded construction). They will also fit the earlier 2nd generation AK rucksacks. Please refer to the size chart as frame sizes vary for some models.

TF-01 = size 1
TF-02 = size 2 (size 1 in AK70)
TF-03 = size 3 (size 2 in AK70)
TF-04 = size 3 (AK70 only)

Size Chart

STYLE Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
AK47 TF-01 TF-02 TF-03
AK47-X TF-01 TF-02 TF-03
AK57 TF-01 TF-02 TF-03
AK70 TF-02 TF-03 TF-04


Sizes 2, 3 & 4 are currently available. Size 1 will be available mid-2019.