Product Code: CX-AC-1P-X1A

Poles - X1 Assault


Replacement poles for an X1 Assault single-wall tent. The X1 Assault has a pair of diagonal poles and an internal front transverse pole. Each pole is £25 each, £50 for a pair, or £75 for a complete pole-set.

The poles are 8.64 mm Yunan Ultralite


Diagonal poles - Yellow
Internal front pole - Black

Technical Specifications

Diagonal pole

Description: Straight pole
Overall length: 3200 mm (excluding pole tips)
No. of sections: 8
Sections breakdown (mm): 400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400
Folded length: 40 cm
Colour: Yellow

Front transverse pole

Description: Shallow "V" shape with pre-bend in middle
Overall length: 2 x 1300 mm (excluding pole tips)
No. of sections: 9
Sections breakdown (mm): 280-325-325-325-arch-280-325-325-325
Folded length: 37 cm
Colour: Black