Dynatec chalkbag
£12 / €15 / $15

With offcuts from our AK rucksack fabrics going to waste on the cutting-room floor, we decided that chalkbags were a much better solution than landfill. Which is why crux chalkbags come in a choice of two ridiculously overspecified materials – Kevlar® and Dynatec®.

Both models close at the neck with a sleeve of silicon-coated nylon, which is actually taken from our X2 tent flysheets. Easy to slip your hand in and out of, the nylon doesn't delaminate and won’t gather chalk dust. The neck closes slickly with a Dyneema® draw-cord that absorbs neither water nor chalk dust and will certainly never break.

The light and soft fabric of the Dynatec chalkbag makes this the choice for the controlled climber who can delicately and leisurely insert the necessary digits and dust the appropriate strategic spots where maximum adherence is desired. A stiffened rim ensures the mouth always stays open.